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A global monetization platform for digital style influencers and brands.
We believe in a true partnership

Modalist is a global multi-vendor e-marketplace for fashion lovers. is the fashion search engine powering Social Runway. We have strong relationships with thousands of retailers and brands around the world.

At Modalist, we recognize the power of the INFLUENCER and the value of influential content. We have designed our Social Runway platform to reflect that value and provide you with the guidance and technology to grow your brand. Using our tools, you can create shoppable content enabling you to drive sales directly from your posts. True Partnership means compensating partners in proportion to the full benefit they bring - not just counting clicks.

As our Partner in Social Runway - you have access to the product lines of thousands of brands via Modalist and the tools to present them to your community.

We invite you to join us in a True partnership and harness the power of your influence as a Member of Modalist Social Runway!


Access thousands of retailer partners and designer brands

Monetize your influence with all your favorite retailers from around the world. At Modalist we believe in personal style - which is why we include the best designers and retail brands so your original content can range as far as your imagination.